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Sworn translation services in Murcia

Professionalism, Specialisation and Trust in Text Translation

At Alhambra Traductores, we are specialists in sworn and simple translation for all types of public bodies, private entities, individuals and professional sectors with high technical specialisation. Our more than 20 years’ experience in sworn translation in Murcia and hundreds of satisfied clients can vouch for us.


We provide sworn and simple translation services in the language you need.

We have a wide portfolio of translators of majority and minority languages who are qualified to translate texts into different languages and dialects.

Specialised translation into English


We translate specialised texts from different sectors and fields.

We translate documents, manuals, package inserts, projects, presentations, reports and all kinds of highly specialized technical texts. Thanks to our highly qualified translators, we offer the highest quality and guarantee when translating the most demanding documents in the professional field.

Sworn Translation

Sworn translation for companies and individuals, with extensive knowledge in the business and administrative sectors, express deadlines and maximum translation quality.

Legal and Administrative

Translation for administrative proceedings, trials, juries, contracts, laws and all the usual legal procedures in the judicial and administrative sector of government agencies and entities.


Translation of scientific texts and services for the medical, pharmaceutical and engineering sectors associated with the scientific sector. Translation of scientific texts with extensive knowledge in medicine.


Translation of technical texts on architecture, engineering and industry. Translation of manuals, projects, technical procedures and all the usual technical texts in the business sector.

Economic and Financial

Translation of texts from the economic and financial sector. Translation of texts for companies, financial and stock market entities, banks, trading companies and departments.

Audiovisual and Web Pages

Translation of texts for the audiovisual sector. Translation for dubbing, subtitles and voice-over for advertising projects, reportages, short films, cinema, web pages, online shops, etc.

Literary and Artistic

We translate texts and literary or artistic works. Translation of books, stories, comics, plays and literary works in general. With extensive knowledge in literal translation adapted to each language.


Translation of journalistic texts, reportage, interviews, columns and all the usual texts in newspaper publications and specialised magazines.

Do you need to translate a book or a large number of texts?

At Alhambra Traductores, we have reduced prices for the translation of books, literary works, papers, manuals, theses and for the translation of a large number of texts. Contact us to get your personalised quote.

Traducción de libros y obras artísticas - Alhambra Traductores

Your translations are always available in your client area

Communication is what we’re best at; that’s why Alhambra Traductores provides you with a client area where you can contact us, send us your texts to translate, download your translations, share drafts and much more.

Copies of Translations

In your client area you will always have access to the translations you have requested, a backup that you will not lose.

Sending Files

You can send us your files and documents to translate safely through your client area.

Contact Your Translator

In your client area, you can contact your translator and clarify any doubts or questions about your translations.

Translation of scientific, medicine and pharmaceutical texts.

Thanks to our high level of specialisation, at Alhambra Traductores, we can translate scientific, medical and pharmaceutical texts into any language. Our translators have extensive experience in the translation of package inserts, reports, analyses, books, theses and any text related to science.

We have the trust of

At Alhambra Traductores S.L. We have extensive experience in interpreting and translating in various languages, which is why we work with organizations and companies that require a high degree of specialization.

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